On-Screen Text

Translate On-Screen-Text in your videos

In case you didn’t know, text that’s embedded in your video is different than subtitles.

These elements, called on-screen text (OST), add information that complements the audio. It includes things like the speaker’s name and title, summary phrases or key selling points. If you don’t have the original files for these text elements, GusTAV can still translate them.

Read on to learn about our step process.

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    Analyze information

    Often videos don’t have a written script. The simplest thing to do is manually transcribe the elements that appear on screen and analyze the animations connected to text, such as when text appears or how it moves, specific fonts, additional graphics, etc. It’s essential to take time to analyze the animation and understand it frame by frame. This work requires careful attention to detail.


    The translation phase follows the standard process. Text is localized in the target language, taking into consideration the target country (for example, Brazilian Portuguese is different from the Portuguese spoken in Portugal) and the industry (for example, the correct translation of “record” is different for a financial context than a medical context).

    Embed on screen

    In this step, the translated text is embedded into the video on an animation track.

    The details gathered during transcription allow us to think about the best way to cover or replace the text on the screen with the translation. This step is relatively complex because we have to completely recreate or merge the graphics and text in order to prevent the original text from showing up. And it has to be done while keeping the same pace and style as the source video.

    This field is full of challenges and each project has its own issues. That’s why we offer unique, tailored solutions so your on-screen translation is handled with finesse and matches your original file.