Comprehensive Audio & Video Production

Design Videos for International Audiences

Designing a universal video requires expertise and an export mindset for each step of the process, including storyline, casting and post-production.

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    Your video project needs to be focused internationally right from the outset so that it respects shared culture and communication codes. For example, it’s important to avoid expressions and concepts that are specific to a single culture.


    It’s important for the consumer or end client to be able to identify with the people appearing in the video.Casting needs to be done with this in mind.


    Footage filmed on site can be combined with 3D productions or shots filmed abroad to give the video an international dimension. The goal is to connect information about your product or service to a global outlook.


    An international video’s file type is designed to make it easier to replace languages on the audio track during mixing. The same goes for on-screen text.

    We’ll use the appropriate GusTAV processes based on your target markets to supply translation/adaptation, subtitling, and voice dubbing, while matching everything to your communications strategy.