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GusTAV is staffed by linguists and translators, audio-visual editors, sound and multimedia engineers, international voice talents, …

A solution that makes your audio-video translation projects easier, without any technical or pricing unknown.

Our agencies are located in France, Canada and the United States.

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It’s super simple,

GusTAV takes care of the entire value chain to meet all your audiovisual localization needs: Transcription, adapted translation, subtitling, on-screen and animated text, dubbing and accessible communication (audio-description and sign language)


Linguists and video-makers united around a single goal and a dedicated cross-functional project manager


In-house production for clear pricing with no nasty surprises


Quality assurance across the entire value chain

Audio transcription

What’s the point of audio transcription (transcribing a written version of what is said on an audio file) ?

  • enabling translation of videos if you don’t have an original script
  • using audio recordings from conferences or other recorded events
  • creating subtitles for your videos by adding timecodes

Our GusTAV transcription platforms do a great job, but there’s only so much a machine can do, and that’s where good old human revision comes in!

At GusTAV we combine technology and human expertise, so you get the best of both worlds 🙂

Translation - Adaptation

Our global linguists work closely with our audiovisual technicians to make sure your messages are perfectly conveyed through their meaning and form. Audiovisual translation isn’t simple—you need the right words, and the right number of words. There are a lot of factors to be taken into account to make sure everything is just right!

We translate more than 80 languages, in the majority of business sectors: medical, financial, industrial, technological… you name it.

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How do you like your subtitles?

We can burn them for you! Which actually means embedding them into your video in accordance with the target country’s television broadcasting standards, or in line with your style guide.

For the techies: we can provide SRT format or VVT format with timecodes.

GusTAV can also localize your on-screen text, captions, animations and other information tables.

Basically, with GusTAV, for titles and subtitles, you can decide what’s on the menu !

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t’s all about emotions! With videos, the sound conveys as much emotion as the image, so you need to make sure your video is interpreted just right.

At GusTAV, we’re experts in casting and can preselect voice actors from across the globe, so all you need to do is pick your favorite!

At GusTAV, we also take care of the technical aspects of dubbing and choose the best technique for your project:

  • voice over or lip sync

GusTAV can manage the recording, artistic direction (AD) and post-production for your project: with our sound engineers, working directly with our voice actors in at-home studios, or at “real” studios.

GusTAV: saying what you want, in the language you want!

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Speech synthesis

Let’s be honest, you don’t need to invest in a voice actor for every audio and video message.

Our catalog of synthetic voices will help you create audiovisual messages for less. These voices are perfect for short training or informational videos that need to be produced quickly. Thanks, robots!

All the most common western and Asian languages are available. Why not send us your scripts for a demo? Contact us !

GusTAV and TTS (Text to Speech)—innovation at its finest!

Sign language

At GusTAV, we love to share. Our motto, Be Heard !, means being heard by everyone and sharing information with audiences who can’t hear the sound of your videos. Of course, two-thirds of the deaf and hard of hearing can read subtitles, but for the rest, sign language is essential.

Specially filmed videos or embedded in videos with sound:

  • LSF : Langue des signes de France (French Sign Language)
  • LSQ : Langue des signes québécoise (Quebec Sign Language)
  • ASL : American Sign Language

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E-learning solutions

At GusTAV, we also have engineers in our team who know how to take your applications apart and put them back together (or vice versa). We can take your Chinese Storyline and duplicate it in Russian, for example.

If you’re an e-learning professional, contact us to learn more about our comprehensive solution: translation, adaptation, dubbing and post-production. Why bother with multiple contacts?!

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