You want to translate your videos, right? Then you’ll love the ease of working with an agency that specializes in both audio & video and language services. When you find these two essential skillsets in a single multilingual partner, you’ll get seamless audio/video translations.

GusTAV is just the partner you need and we look forward to providing all these services so your audio/video translation project is a success from start to finish.

Let’s look at the key steps that go into a multilingual video project and how GusTAV manages them.


Step 1: Transcription

What is transcription? Transcription puts the source file’s audio into written form. Knowing the source language well is essential to a good transcription. There are four steps we follow here: rough transcription, human proofreading, time coding and final quality check. Check out our article for more details: How Does Video Transcription Work Exactly?

Step 2: Translation & Adaptation

GusTAV is part of the ITC Group, one of the 100 top language services companies in the world. Through this collaboration, we have access to 2,500 translators, so we can choose one whose native language matches your target audience and someone who’s an expert in the video subject area.

After translation, the GusTAV team adapts the text so the number of words used will fit into the time code, while also ensuring the same message is conveyed.

Step 3: Recreation of Audio/Video Information

A multilingual audiovisual agency makes use of the audio/video information in different formats:

  • Subtitling formatted according to CSA standards in France or another standard based on the target country.
  • Voice acting that fits the target country with local voice actors who have the right accent and pronunciation for your audience.
  • On screen text and multilingual motion design to exactly match the look of your original video.

Step 4: Quality Check

Quality is an essential value at GusTAV. We double-check the message at every step in the process, from transcription of the source text and translation/adaptation into the target language through final video production before delivery. Language specialists perform these quality checks and provide feedback on edits to the production team.

GusTAV relies on the expertise of each team member so you get seamless service and quality.