Motion design is a key feature of many marketing and communications strategies these days.

There are lots of reasons for this, like wanting to stand out and be unique, while making a message interesting and boosting a brand’s appeal.

It’s even more important to make this motion design multilingual when your company has an international presence! Why? How?


Seeing Motion Design Everywhere

Motion design is becoming an essential ingredient in all aspects of audio and video production. It’s an excellent graphics technique that’s a great fit for an effective communications strategy. Motion design appears everywhere, including websites, social media and corporate videos.

Making content interesting and universal

By definition, motion design is animating graphics. By making a motion design multilingual, you make it both interesting and universal. But translating motion design has other benefits for your international communications strategy:

  • Motion design is effective because it’s easy to understand and delivers a clear, precise message. That’s why it needs to be multilingual to reach a wider audience.
  • Motion design highlights your credibility.
  • It also improves your placement in search engine results.

Translating motion design the GusTAV way

Let’s talk about translating motion design. You have a couple options available: do it yourself or trust the project to a professional.

  • If you have the original graphics files (often made in After Effects): We’ll work with these elements to recreate identical versions of your animation in the languages of your choice
  • If you only have the final animation, not the source files: We work with “masking” to hide or blend your message in the source language with the target language.

Language experts, graphic design experts and audio & video experts work together to create a universal version of your motion designs.


GusTAV makes motion design multilingual to highlight your international outlook, boost communication and grow your company’s audience.