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Why you need a Multilingual Audio & Video Agency Partner ?

You want to translate your videos, right? Then you’ll love the ease of working with…

Why every step is essential when localizing videos ?

There’s no easier way to help viewers understand a video without sound than adding subtitles…

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How to translate On-Screen Text in your videos ?

In case you didn’t know, text that’s embedded in your video is different than subtitles. These…

Multilingual Motion Design: How to make your info interesting and universal ?

Motion design is a key feature of many marketing and communications strategies these days. There…

How Does Video Transcription Work Exactly?

Transcription is the foundational step in a successful video translation. Without a script, it’s difficult…

Why International Companies Need to Translate Their Corporate Videos ?

A corporate video is the best way to promote your company and stand out in…

Why You Should Subtitle Your Videos for Social Media ?

We spend an average of three hours a day surfing social media. Video content is…

Subtitling : An effective solution for audio-video translation

Did you know? 85% of videos are watched on mute! The statistic speaks for itself…

synthetic voice
Synthetic Voices : A Story of Innovation

Synthetic voices appeared several years ago and have become a major element in the digital…

DIMO Maint Customer Case Study

DIMO Software’s DIMO Maint Takes Their Video Communications International with GusTAV DIMO Maint offers a…

Give a multilingual voice to your video content thanks to GusTA

On a video, sound carries as much emotion as an image. This is why GusTAV…

Make your videos more accessible with Sign Language

Let’s talk numbers: Worldwide there are presently 466 million people living with a hearing impairment….