Let’s talk numbers: Worldwide there are presently 466 million people living with a hearing impairment. 120,000 people use French Sign Language, 500,000 people use American Sign Language, and 5000 people use Quebec Sign Language. And these numbers continue to grow. 

What you should know about Sign Language 

Sign language is a complete form of communication that allows the deaf and hard of hearing to communicate. It is a visual language that is not universal. It has its own alphabet and syntactic rules. 

Sign language is a must

Sign language is more and more recognized and used as a translation or interpretation tool and is a solution that will allow for more accessibility of your audiovisual content, improving communication with people living with a sensory disability. Sign language is the solution to accessibility and autonomy challenges existing within the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

GusTAV, the right solution

GusTAV offers translation, subtitling and dubbing services, and now we are focusing on translating your videos into sign language.

Why choose GusTAV? Sharing is one of our core values and it implies sharing information with people who cannot listen to your videos. GusTAV can translate into American Sign language, French sign language and Quebec Sign Language, broadening your audience.

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