A corporate video is the best way to promote your company and stand out in a crowded marketplace. This type of video is even more important when your company has an international audience.

In this article, we’ll look at why it’s essential for international companies to translate their corporate videos.

Speak the languages your markets speak

It’s obvious that translating your corporate videos allows you to more quickly reach a larger audience. You’ve often invested lots of money in videos that highlight your brand and your expertise. Make the most out of these videos with multilingual translation so you can conquer new markets.

Improve your internal communications

Successful internal communications will help all your employees feel more committed and engaged. When you have employees from different nationalities at your company, it’s important to promote a shared company culture. If you translate your corporate videos, your employees will become more familiar with the entire company and its mission. This will encourage innovation and make it easier for your teams to do their jobs.

Engage with a wider audience

When you make the meaning and content of your videos accessible by translating them into different languages, you encourage more people to connect with your company. They’ll be able to picture themselves working with you because they’ll understand that language differences won’t be a barrier.

Here’s the bottom line 

  • It’s important to choose the right method for adding more languages to your videos: subtitling and dubbing are the most popular
  • You need to work with qualified professionals who will convey your message clearly in a way that fits your brand image
  • When your video content is translated well, it will get better visibility and appear higher in search results for your target market

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