DIMO Software’s DIMO Maint Takes Their Video Communications International with GusTAV

DIMO Maint offers a wide range of computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) solutions.

They turned to GusTAV to translate and subtitle a case study video in three languages. We sat down (virtually) with Valérie Sacenda, Marketing and Communications Manager at DIMO Maint, to talk about the project.


What was your main challenge with this translation project?

We had a case study video featuring Beneteau, a French manufacturer known around the world. And, since we sell our solutions in more than 100 countries, we wanted to talk about this great customer testimonial in English, Spanish and Chinese.

We make all our materials available in these languages.

Our customer also wanted to communicate internally to promote deployment of the product within their company.

What impact has this project made on your communications?

Our customer was thrilled that they could communicate in three languages. Beneteau got more than 5367 impressions and 132 likes on their post: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/groupe-beneteau_maintenance-gmao-activity-6675745877107187712-46mJ/

We also posted about the video in four languages and we regularly use this video in our webinars and email campaigns.

The sales team also uses it during meetings.

What do you see as GusTAV’s strengths?

The all-in-one, super-responsive service and the perfect job you do.


GusTAV is your solution for top-notch multilingual audio and video projects.

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